Best version of you!!

Somewhere in the darkness of your being there lies your inner conscious:your god,your energy,your soul.It is often heard that follow your dreams,follow your goals!!But the true fact is you own someone that’s thousand times better than you Yeah!Astonishing!!Right?

Whenever you fall there’s always a hope that lifts you,there’s always a driving force that lifts you up.Thats your conscious…..Your god….

It is supreme.Own its mercy and avoid criticism,own its grace and avoid hatred,own his love and avoid pride…

Be the one that holds mercy..!

Be the one that forgives..!

Be the one who loves..!

That will lead you to the most gracious version of you!!

Aayushi Kulashri


That hidden soul…

Fear was his belonging;It had utmost love for everyone;It was the purest…It lives in everyone but only few own it.It hold every emotion in abondance.It smiles the most and even cries the most.Thats the hidden soul.You always have two opinions about something; One is that your brain offers and the second is that your conscious offers..You are not always able to sense that conscious and most of the time you ignore it.But always remember the conscious never lies….So try to listin and sense that hidden soul in you..Because the more you explore the more you own……

Wonders of princess of the sea

Adole girls loved looks and beauty

She was always concerned for her duty

People rejoiced on new years

She was always busy in wiping people’s tears

People claimed her to be a fool

For having liquor made them cool

She was better than you and better than me

The wondering princess of the sea….

She loved wilds and admired the poor

She enjoyed donkey’s moan and lion’s roar

Distinct and away from the world we know

She was the queen of water,hail and snow

Where people searched for sheds she danced these rain

Always strengthened herself never cried in vain

Her friends were fishes of oceans and birds of tree

She was the wondering princess of the sea……